I Have Left that Dark Cave Forever, My Body has Blended with Hers.


Colour, Stereo

This film was made by Daniela Yohannes,

Julien Beramis, Ludovic Claire,

Tilly Mint, Basile Andrieu, Jordan Dubois

& Sarah Hammond.

A meditative walk across terrains, where a protagonist traverses atopic spaces thriving only at a level of foundational life; gaseous stars, dense plants, glittering rocks and uncontrolled water. Its nonlinear narrative examines how the conscious absorbs and processes hostilities of society and environment into the unconscious. The camera's scrutiny of the protagonist hints at this, its hesitance and confusion suggesting that perhaps these surroundings actually form a dystopia of sorts. With questions of identity often linked to where one considers ‘home’, perhaps such atopias - that of space, sky, water, and fissures deep beneath the ground - can be compromises for those denied the chance to ever feel they have one.