Daniela Yohannes (b.1982)

Yohannes received a BA (Hons) in Illustration from Kingston University in 2004. After completing her degree and working within the field, she decided to make the transition from digital to material canvases in 2010. Her practice combines painting, collage and illustration techniques. Yohannes is an emerging artist whose work resonates with her acute cultural sensitivity to the often unseen dimensions of life. Yohannes currently lives and works from her studio in Paris.


Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between the Inner and Outer life and the complex nature of the human condition. I am especially drawn to a person’s ability to navigate these two realms. My work is influenced and informed by my interest in creating new mythologies, my deep connection to the oneiric world and observations of my environment. I rely on my intuition and dreams as a direct source of storytelling. My practice allows me to explore fictional narratives, which enable me to remove all concrete limitation and boundaries.

In this way I truly liberate myself from social constructs. I make art to try to understand myself, my environment and the greater world beyond. I am drawn to the threshold between life and death and my work often project this duality. I paint characters that investigate and confront the unknown. I paint characters that are facets of myself, but not earthbound. I paint characters that stem from a distant, lingering yearning for freedom.